Global Relief (GRf) is working with groups in the Middle East who are working in camps for internally displaced people ( IDP’s) and know best what the changing priorities of the IDP’s are.

Your donation towards the GRf emergency fund will enable us to support our workers as they are addressing the most urgent needs of survivors. When donating, kindly specify project you wish to support.

        We have just witnessed thousands of displaced people who have lost their family,
        possessions, livelihood, and hope.

Winter is approaching and they do not have blankets, coats, jerseys, food, stoves, tents, toys or hope.

Let’s do something – every bit is much appreciated! Help us with the following:

  • to distribute food parcels and blankets to survivors
  • trauma teddies  – soft, knitted dolls for traumatized refugee children
  • plans to build playground equipment
  • to provide training in psycho-social first aid
  • “Miracle Box”-projects –  paper that grows a crop of vegetables when planted
  • Water purification sachets – sponsor @ R 3.50 / 25 Lt buckets or containers

Please contact us for more information or read more about the projects in the latest-section.


Global Relief (GRf) werk saam met groepe wat in die kampe vir ontwortelde mense in Irak, Sirië, die Midde Ooste werk.

U donasie sal ons in staat stel  om ons werkers te ondersteun wat die mense se  dringendste behoeftes aanspreek. Spesifiseer asseblief die projek wat u ondersteun.

Ons het so pas vlugtelinge besoek wat hulle familie, eiendom, besighede, selfs hoop verloor het.

Die winter is voor hande en hulle benodig dringend kos, komberse, warm klere, stofies, speelgoed, tente en Hoop.

Help ons asseblief met die volgende:

  • om kos en komberse aan oorlewendes te versprei
  • trauma teddies – sagte, gebreide beertjies vir kinders in pyn
  • bou van klimrame
  • opleiding in die psigo-sosiale eerste hulp-opleidingsprogramme
  • “Miracle Box”-projekte –  papier waaruit groente ontkiem en groei sodra jy dit in die grond plant
  • Watersuiwering – borg asseblief R3-50 vir ’n 25 liter houer

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