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Clean and safe water with purification sachets

Have you found yourself complaining about the taste of tap water? Buying mineral water instead? You won’t be the first.

Our work among the refugees never fails to remind you how much we take for granted every day. Including clean water right from a tap in your house.

A lack of clean and safe water in the camps for Internally Displaced People (IDP’s) leads to many problems including the spread of Cholera.

According to the World Health Organization, Cholera can kill within hours if left untreated. Safe water and sanitation can stop outbreaks and keep the disease from spreading.

But safe water is no small thing in IDP camps. These sachets are a practical and simple solution. You only pour the contents into a container of water, stir, and leave it for twenty minutes and it will be completely safe to drink.

Clean water !

Clean water!

Please sponsor sachets to give people safe drinking water. R3-50 will purify a 25-liter bucket or container. R450-00 will make a 5000-liter tank full of water safe to drink.